• Business advice to follow and ignore


    You are not going to get the knowledge of an MBA from a blog post. If you are after something more in-depth then head over here and keep me in a job. For some bite-sized disposable and biased advice please read on. The last few years have seen a boom in the creation of sole … Continued

  • 5 tools for sourcing awesome content


    One thing we need to get right when constructing a social media content plan is the balance between sales pitches, news about our brand and content from other providers. There are lots of opinions on how this could be constructed. It isn’t an exact science and you will need to develop this based on what … Continued

  • 7 Inspiring Marketing Environments


    Marketing is a creative vocation that needs a working environment that is inspirational and stimulating. Whether you are a huge multinational or a boutique agency, the space your marketing team works in needs careful consideration. Here are 7 who have got it right…. 1. Edelman PR firm Edelman have offices across the world. It is … Continued

  • Cutting the Waffle


    One of the most cherished philosophical schools of thought is that of simplicity or reductionism. Summarised perfectly by Occam and his famed Razor, the basics of the theory is that problems are best solved when we cut them down to their essential parts. As Thomas Aquinas wrote; “If a thing can be done adequately by means … Continued

  • Promoted Posts: A Balancing Act


    I don’t blog to generate a direct ROI. I do it as a hobby, as an awareness-raising exercise and as an investment in my future. I also have a passion for what I do and love sharing my knowledge with you (honestly!). However, I know that blogging is big(gish) business for many writers around the … Continued

  • 3 Reasons to Invest in Customer Loyalty

    word of mouth

    Customer loyalty is a hard-fought, easily-lost commodity which marketers should never underestimate. By investing time and money in retaining, pleasing and encouraging customers to recommend your brand, you’ll find your job becomes much easier. 1. Word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing methods People trust friends and family much more than they … Continued

  • What Can Your Competitors Teach You?

    Keeping an eye on your competitors

    I am delighted with the competitor monitoring tools Facebook is integrating with the page management and advert management sections of the site. Not only do I now have a league table my company page is slowly climbing (I reckon we’ve got a good chance of making the playoffs this year) but I also can see … Continued

  • Speed is of the essence for social media monitoring

    Speed is of the essence for social media monitoring

    Here is a reminder you need to print out and stick up on the wall of your office: SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT EMAIL Got it? Well obviously, who thinks it is? Quite a lot of brands actually. You see as social media monitoring has become (rightly) part of everyday marketing activities, the act of doing … Continued

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