• 5 huge brands with ugly logos


    Branding is a complicated and delicate balance between expectation, reputation and relevance. It needs to about words, images, colours, sounds, experiences and a logo. That logo which so many people mistake for a brand, is still very important for brand recognition. There is no saying how or when a company might become big and successful, … Continued

  • The politics of website design

    Labour website

    With the UK general election less than a month a way, I’m taking a look at the websites of the parties standing to see how they stack up from a digital marketing perspective. I’ll be judging them on the following criteria; design, usability, speed, optimisation and how easy it is to find their manifestos. To … Continued

  • How to write the perfect blog post


    Ok i’m going to come clean straight away, there is no such thing as a formula for writing the perfect blog post. If you came here for that, then you can leave now. If you want to learn why there isn’t the perfect post, read on… Your blog posts rely on 2 key elements that determine … Continued

  • How to find the right mix for marketing content [infographic]

    marketing mix infographic

    This is great infographic from Optimal Targeting on how to combine text, visuals and sound to get the ideal mix for your marketing content. by optimaltargeting.

  • Turning branding into an art form

    cadbury branding

    What is your brand colour? Do you see it everywhere you go at work, or is it a side thought occasionally appearing on the back of business cards and the menu bar on your website? Colour is a key point of branding, and when it is used to great effect it can enrich your message … Continued

  • No, you don’t write your bio in the 3rd person

    not you

    Social media is meant to be personal, friendly, approachable and real. Regardless of whether you are a celebrity, brand or individual, your approach should fit the tone of the platform, and that includes your bio. So one thing you should never, ever do is write your Twitter bio in the third person. If you are … Continued

  • Why you should welcome criticism more than praise

    Poor Rating

    We all like praise, particularly when that praise comes from a client who allows us to publish it all over our marketing channels. It makes us feel good, it makes us look good and it helps to provide evidence for our marketing claims. And while using case studies and testimonials in marketing is important, one … Continued

  • 7 clichéd words your marketing copy can do without

    7 clichéd words your marketing copy can do without

    Avoiding clichés is a tricky thing when writing marketing copy. Sometimes a lack of inspiration or a boring product means you fill your web pages, articles and brochures with tired words and phrases that don’t add anything to what you’re trying to say. Here are 7 you should try to avoid…   Mindfulness The word Mindfulness comes … Continued

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