• 7 clichéd words your marketing copy can do without

    7 clichéd words your marketing copy can do without

    Avoiding clichés is a tricky thing when writing marketing copy. Sometimes a lack of inspiration or a boring product means you fill your web pages, articles and brochures with tired words and phrases that don’t add anything to what you’re trying to say. Here are 7 you should try to avoid…   Mindfulness The word Mindfulness comes … Continued

  • Have you gone out of business?

    Yes we're open

    One key element of digital marketing is fresh content. You have to regularly update your website and social networks to keep your audience (and Google) interested. Everything online is date stamped, from your last Tweet to your last blog post, and so people can see when you’ve been inactive. And if you have been, they’ll … Continued

  • Why Facebook competitor analysis is more than just a league table


    If you use Facebook for marketing (and you still should be) then you need to be aware of their competitor analysis tool. Located within the insights tab on your Facebook page, your Pages to Watch table gives you valuable insight into your competitors and colleagues. It ranks you in a league based on follower numbers, … Continued

  • Email isn’t dead, we just use it differently

    E-mail isn't dead

    For many years now there have been ‘experts’ across different industries declaring the death of email. Apparently it has been replaced by Facebook, chat, collaboration tools, project management tools, paper aeroplanes and carrier pigeons. Yet here we are, more than a decade after the email’s tomb stone was carved, with it still a key part … Continued

  • 8 design trends to watch for in 2015 [infographic]

    design trends 2015

    Check out this great infographic by on design trends to watch out for this year…

  • Is sharing competitor content a good idea?

    Should you be sharing competitor content?

    Social media has transformed marketing, and competitor analysis has never been more in-depth. You can monitor their campaigns, feedback, responses and successes all from the comfort of your office through a variety of tracking tools (or by just doing it manually). It may seem that in this world of highly competitive marketing, sharing your competitor’s … Continued

  • Are making the most of your 404 page?

    Page not found, 404 error

    What do people see when they visit an incorrect link on your website? If it’s a blank page, just says “404” or “page cannot be found” then you aren’t making the post of a lucrative traffic source. The more popular your site gets, the more likelihood you’ll have of people hitting a 404 page, indicating … Continued

  • 5 brands the prove social media marketing can work for any business

    geico logo

    Saying your brands doesn’t need to be on social media is about as logical as saying you don’t need a website. If your website is your shop window, your social media profile is your friendly shop keeper – dealing with sales, customer service, complaints and compliments. And it isn’t just about retail, any brand regardless … Continued

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