• The importance of honest reporting (even when the numbers are bad)


    We all have to do it. Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually we go through our data and put together reports to prove our worth to our employers. If everything is going well, then this process can sometimes even be joyful as we proudly set down our figures into graphs and charts. But what if things haven’t gone … Continued

  • The best place in the world to be a marketer


    Marketers are a necessity for any business (like it or not) and so we have the luxury of being in demand across the globe. But where is the best place to ply our trade? London Starting close to home, London has long been a global business and financial hub and now has a flourishing technological … Continued

  • The New Forest’s tech creche shows marketing short-sightedness

    New Forest

    The announcement by the New Forest that they have opened a “tech crèche” where visitors can leave their gadgets in order spend more quality time with each other has been quirky enough to generate some press for them, which is surely the point. And on the face of it, the scheme makes sense – put your … Continued

  • You don’t have to be first


    What do WhatsApp, Dropbox, iPhone and Playstation all have in common? They are the market leaders, they are worth a huge amount of money, and they weren’t the first to the party. What makes these products such a success? Refined quality and very good marketing. Quality This gives you something to talk about, and that other people will … Continued

  • The 9 to whenever life of a digital marketer

    working late

    Digital marketing means being where your audience are, when your audience are there and that means it cannot run on a standard 9-5 schedule. Whilst a clever marketing campaign is planned and executed (scheduled) in office hours, the response to that campaign can be required at any time and very often needs to be in … Continued

  • Ditch the committee, hire the expert


    Design by committee. Three words that send a shiver down the spine of any creative. Committees have their function, they ensure important things aren’t missed, provide a consensus for activities and ensure buy-in is achieved. For big decisions they are essential, but for everyday activities do you really need to consult on everything? The point … Continued

  • Stop spending out of habit and listen to your data


    How do you plan your marketing budget each year? Do you analyse your previous 12 months of data, work out what worked and make a case for increased investment to yield proportionate results? Or do you just pencil in what you did last year and hope for the best? While I hope you base your marketing on data … Continued

  • 3 reasons your marketing leads aren’t buying (and how to fix it)


    Generating leads is only part of the marketing and sales process. At some point or another every company gets to the stage where their marketing operation is generating lots of leads, but very few of them are converting into customers. In fact, it is estimated that 4 of every 5 leads get wasted due to … Continued

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